Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Thank you, Teacher Jaron!

Oh joy! This message came from Teacher Jaron.

Hi Ms. Zarah 🙂 

I just want to share how my students, Nissi and Lesli Anastacio loved the story (My Daddy! My One and Only!). They asked me if they could borrow it so they can read it at home 🙂 Thank you for this story! I personally loved it too 😊😍 Regards to Nico as well.

I actually told them the origin of the story that you told us at the Lampara Books Seminar. They really love their Daddy Lester who comes home late at night and they want to show their dad the story and to say thank you for being there for them.

I was teaching them a lesson about parents going to work despite of stormy days. Then I remembered the story when they were sharing stories of their parents.

Jaron Adapon Natividad is a preschool teacher in Precious Vessels Christian Academy. 

Thank you, Teacher Jaron for sharing our book to your students. How generous you are for allowing your students to bring home the book with them to show it to their father. Continue to create bridges between young readers and books written especially for them.

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