Thursday, October 6, 2016

Live Blogging: Be Heard! Be a Blogger Talk at the Uiniveristy of Perpetual Help

I am in the University of Perpetual Help, Binan. I am demonstrating a live blogging session as the participants take their "break". It has been a very fruitful morning: we played a game, watched videos, and listened to inputs - my own and feedback from some of the participants.

This talk, Be Heard! Be a Blogger is part of the university's Alternative Learning Classes.

I love participating in ALCs, because, I believe that ALC sessions enrich the formal learning experiences in the classroom. I have very young participants in the audience: students of Library and Information Science as well as Education majors. I will post more photos and insights in the coming days. Soon!

For now, I go back to my demo-lecture!

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