Thursday, October 20, 2016

Interpersonal Relationship in Reference Services

Karen and Andrew role play the reference communication process
As I was preparing my training module on Reference Services for the Effective Librarianship @Work Conference in Southville International School and Colleges, I realized that librarianship is a people oriented work. There are the tools and the technology that librarians use in establishing systems and structures to operate day in and day out. The end goal of this endeavor is to service people, receive feedback from them and develop stronger systems and efficient structures that will address the community's context, enrich their culture, hone their personal skills and professional competencies.

This is why, in my presentation, I went back to Ranganathan's Law of Library Science (1931) and included my Library Concepts (2012). I did discuss and share best practices, but I invested a good amount of time on Interpersonal Relationships, Active Listening and how these topics and concepts can be applied to the reference communication process.

We had role playing activities. One role playing session involved volunteers to show the reference communication process to the bigger group. Another one was done as a big group where participants gave suggestions on how to answer the reference query of a professor/teacher.  It was an amazing session! There were engagement and involvement. The participants were a combination of young and seasoned librarians. I think the activity afforded them learning opportunities.

With young LIS professionals of Southville International School & Colleges
As a workshop facilitator, my objective is not only to present my topic as my field of expertise, but I also make sure that the participants are learning together as a community.

Congratulations to the library staff of Southville International Schools and Colleges! I see and meet them every year in October for this annual event. They are growing as a team! Thank you to Mr. Eric Ramos who, in his own unique way, mentors me to become a facilitator of learning by throwing challenging topics on my path. Good luck to all your endeavors, librarians of Southville! More power!

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