Friday, October 28, 2016

At the Academy This Week: PCNC Evaluation Visit and Halloweek

At the PCNC HQ: Do I look nervous? Nah!
This last week of October at the Academy can be described in three words: busy, crazy and fun!

After our week-long term break, we geared up for the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) visit by evaluators who looked at our governance and operational functions. I am the designated secretariat of this endeavor, a task that I accepted back in 2013 during our first evaluation cycle. Call me a nerd, but I did enjoy the experience despite my nervousness at handling the certification process for the first time. Giving it a second shot simply sweetened the experience. I did learn a lot about myself from it all. I appreciate the help of colleagues and setting up the logistics of the visit. I honor the trust given to me by the leadership of the Academy.

The PCNC evaluation exercise is similar to accreditation work where documents are pre-examined, assessed and evaluated. It is taking stock, weighing in on accomplishments and charting pathways to further growth and improvement. This year, I can say that the way we do things at the Academy leads us to clearer pathways of achieving goals. Improvements are very evident. Everyone in the Academy is set to put forth their best foot forward. Morale is high and there is a gaining confidence among the staff and work force. This happens to a community with a leadership that was able to set directions and communicated a well defined purpose of being at a most crucial time of transition.

Needless to say, the PCNC visit went smoothly. I don't know how things will turn out as a result of this certification visit but the day ended on a good note.

With Mayen Lopez, singing buddy, friend and colleague
That is why, on the following day, I came to school dressed as a minion! Cheers to honest hard work, integrity and the spirit of bayanihan!

Our Halloweek celebration kicked off last Wednesday, October 26. The students came in costumes, scary ones and horror themed attire. Teachers were game too. Locker areas were decorated with Halloween themes and the staff office set up a crime scene investigation in the receiving area. The Student Council had an array of activities that included teachers and staff too. Our plates are full with work and academic requirements to finish, but we know how to humor ourselves once in a while.

The long weekend is upon us and this gives us another chance to rest and recoup all our energy needed to finish the term. And then, it's Christmas!

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