Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Books in the 2016 IASL Tokyo Conference

Pilar Francisco, Filipino Librarian
For a good and valid reason, I skipped the 2016 International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) Tokyo Conference this year. Despite its tempting venue, I couldn't be there in this time of my life. Thanks to friends who posted on Facebook. I was able to relive the experience of the fun and the academic excitement of attending the IASL Conference through their postings of photos and videos.

I also have Veronica Silagpo and Pilar Francisco to thank for.

Pilar, a librarian friend I met at the 2013 IASL Conference in Bali asked if she can get copies of my books for donation to the Books for Children campaign of IASL. Books gathered from this campaign will be forwarded to the winning applicant of the Books for Children Award. Veronica is a librarian friend from the International School Manila who attended the conference there. So, when Pilar sent me the PM of her need, I requested Veron to deliver my books.

Veron and Pilar met at the conference and they took photos.

Books for Children
What a joy to see my books, Dear Nanay and Big Sister, spread out on the display table. Double the joy! My books will reach children from another country. My books are written in English, but there is a Filipino translation for all. I am hoping a Filipino child, or a Filipino parent gets to read it too.

Apart from these good news, Katy Massingil Manck is the new IASL President! Congratulations, dear friend! I also sent Katy a copy of Big Sister and My Daddy, My One and Only through the kindness of Veron.

The next IASL Conference is going to be in Long Beach, California. You know what that means. It's time to write. It's time to save up!

Veron and Katy at the IASL Conference in Tokyo

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