Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2016 NCBD Bumasa at Lumaya Blog Tour Round Up

I am back to the blog tour round up of Bumasa at Lumaya 2. It's been a busy two weeks right after the NCBD. Hinga-hinga muna.

And, here they are!

Cris Tanjutco Ngo of Teacher's Pet wrote a chapter review on The Magic of the Frozen Moment: A Crash Course on Comics Appreciation by Paolo Chikiamco. Teacher Cris is delighted to get recommendations from Chikiamco on comic books to read and the varied ways of accessing them. As a school librarian, I find this helpful too, since a number of my readers in the high school library where I work are comic book lovers and visual learners.

Lausanne Barlaan of Bookbed provided a glowing review of Bumasa at Lumaya 2. She wrote the good points on Ramon Sunico's and Carla Pacis' essays, specifically on writing for young adult readers. She glows over the insights of Mailin Paterno Locsin on her essay about writing non-fiction for young people. There are, however, parts in her review where she pointed out the typo errors in the book. Surely, for a second printing, these errors will be corrected.

Blooey Singson of Bookmarked is by far, the most frank review on Bumasa at Lumaya 2 that I have read. Weighing the good points and the bad ones, I tend to agree with her that the readers' perspective and context, as far as Young Adult materials is concerned, needed representation. Perhaps, in the third volume, the current voice and changing tides in readership, book formats and access can be included.

I, for one, feel the need to revise my piece on setting up a library and reading center for young readers.

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