Friday, August 12, 2016

AKLATAN 2016: A Regional Conference On the Art of Librarianship

PLAI CeLRLC is staging AKLATAN 2016 on August 17-19, 2016 in Malolos, Bulacan. Here are the topics the organizers have for its participants.

1. L-ibrarianship 2020: Library Trends and Forecasts
2. I-nternationalization and Globalization
3. B-enchmarking and Best Practices
4. R-eading: A Tool for Lifelong Learning
5. A-rchival Practice and Records Management
6. R-esearch Literacy: From Conceptualization to Publication
7. I-ndigenous Librarianship and Multiculturalism
8. A-ccreditation Standards: Measures for Improvement and Development
9. N-etworking, Partnership and Collaboration Building

I will be taking part in the regional conference as a resource speaker. My topic is Reading: A Tool for Lifelong Learning. My presentation will be delivered through video conferencing and recorded AVPs. I have selected short videos to show and online activities for participants to follow through. 

I have done this format of presentation before and making it had been fun. The question and answer part of the forum was done through Google chat. I will be blogging about these events. If you think this is something you can learn from, catch my presentations in the blog as well as the videos that go along with it. 

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