Monday, May 9, 2016

A New Book Project With Jomike Tejido

I am thankful to Jomike Tejido for accepting, once more, a collaborative project with me. We are going to free a bird this time.

See Jomike's studies on our new children's book project. Again, Lampara Books agreed to support our creative pursuits.

Study 1: This is the cover page of our new book, The Day Max Flew Away.

I am excited to see how Jomike is going to interpret my story. From the studies he has shown me so far, it looked neat and well designed. He is going to paint this time. I am not sure if he is going to use a banig as his canvas.

Study 2: Here is one of the book's inner pages. 

There is a father, a mother, a boy and a little girl. Notice the birds and the cat at the bottom right panel. Who is that character with a hat? Make a guess! Do you have an idea what the story is all about?

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