Thursday, May 19, 2016

Book Review: Mommy Loves You Just The Same

Today is the virtual launch of Mommy Loves You Just The Same, an ebook about a family's anticipation of a new baby in the family. The ebook is written by Ma. Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag and illustrated by Jia Rubio Montserrat. This is Ms. Dumadag's first book intended for children. Read about my interview with her.  Mommy Loves You Just the Same is published by Full Life Cube.

The ebook is created by mothers. Both Ms. Dumadag and Ms. Montserrat are parents of young children. That is why, it is not surprising that the book is meant to impart to children family values that any parent wishes their children to carry on in life. Such is the primary purpose of stories in our culture. We believe that by telling stories, through book format, it is the best way to approach the communication of these values like respect, sibling love and personal responsibility to our children and others too.

In Mommy Loves You Just The Same, the adult voice is very strong in emphasizing these values. Even the child character is very happy to be anticipating a new sibling. Love is a strong driving force to amplify acceptance and a new responsibility. There is no room for anxiety and jealousy in this book because the message is clear: mother does not play favorites since she loves each child the same way. Each sibling went through a period of growth and development and mother and father were there to care for each. Older siblings are part of this care taking having cared for when they were younger. Such a proactive stance on child care and parenting.

In the real world, however, this ideal can be marred by fears and insecurities. Sibling rivalry happens and the green eyed monster is just waiting on the wings! There have been Filipino picture books written about this. The "infanticipation" process is never easy, much more, the relationship between siblings. But, responsible parents can make the transition and the struggle a little less stressful for the children as well as for themselves. It is no joke raising kids these days and parents need all the help they can get.

Mommy Loves You Just The Same is that book! It is not only meant for the child reader. It is for parents who are going through the peaks and valleys of parenthood.

Since the format of the book is digital, I felt constricted by space. There is wonder in opening a book's page. The ebook does not work that wonder for me as far as illustrated ebooks are concerned. There are exceptions though. I will share an example, in a future post.

The drawings are playful and the accompanying color scheme promotes a happy mood. There is a texture felt and seen in Montserrat's illustrations. In a printed format, it would look more sensorial. Anyway, ebook publishing is the trend. What better way to make it grow, but to dive into this medium and explore! I suppose, the accompanying coloring book fills in this multi-sensory aspect of the book and further extends the engagement of digital text to the actual material.

For a copy of the book, go to this Hands On Parenting. For freebies and special giveaways, visit the book's Facebook Page.

Congratulations to Ms. Dumadag and Ms. Montserrat! It is my hope to see Full Life Cube take on more materials to publish for children and parents.

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