Friday, May 13, 2016

Filipino Librarian of the Month: Ma. Fatima D. Delfin

Our Filipino Librarian of the month is Ma. Fatima "Phia" D. Delfin. Phia graduated with a Bachelor in Secondary Education degree, major in Library Science at the PNU. In 2008, she earned her Master of Education in Library and Information Science at the same university. She is a librarian of the Makati DepEd Library Hub. 

Read more about her work and the challenges she face as a library hub librarian. Her story is pretty inspiring!

How long have you been working as a Library Hub librarian in the Division of Makati?

I started working on February 2, 2009; it has been 7 years now.  The Division Library Hub is serving the 28 Elementary and 10 Secondary Schools in the Division.  

What challenges do you face and encounter as a Library Hub librarian?

*Provision for New Books.  

Our Hub had the same books since it started its operation in August 2009. 

I often hear the question, “Wala na ba kayong bago libro?!” from teacher-librarians.  The ‘Sawa’ factor might kick in anytime soon.  Though there have been minimal donations from institutions and individuals, I believe it is still not enough to satisfy the need or demand.

There is a provision prohibiting the purchase of books through the MOOE (Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses)

*School Libraries/Teacher-Librarians Concerns.  

For seven years, I was able to build relationships with the teacher-librarians in each school.  I have heard all their sad stories and difficulties, and sometimes it saddens me that school libraries are always taken for granted.  I believe that supportive administrators always equate to beautiful and functional libraries.

How do you overcome these challenges?

It would be beneficial if you change the way you look at things and to never stop thinking and finding ways to overcome these challenges.   

What are you happiest about your job?  

Just the sight of a child reading makes me extremely happy.

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