Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bonding Moments Through Books and Reading Part 2 of 2

Matthew's favorite book is My Daddy! My One and Only!
Chris Matthew Isada is growing up reading!
His mom, Mel, started him early by introducing age appropriate books even before he started school. Now in kindergarten, Matthew enjoys school and shows confidence in speaking and socially relating to his classmates. Indeed, when kids grow up with books and parents are there to support literacy learning, they are more able to face new challenges with in the family and in their communities.

In this short interview, Matthew tells us his responses to My Daddy! My One and Only! (Lampara Books, 2013) and his favorite things to do with his parents.

What is your favorite part in the book, My Daddy! My One and Only!?
I like this one! (Pointing to the page where the elephants are in the classroom.) Maybe because he already goes to school as kindergarten. 

What name did you give the little elephant?
The elephant's name is Matthew, mommy! (smiling) 

What activities do you like to do with Mom and Dad?

I like to go out on weekends, like going to Papa Jesus house (church). I like eating, playing, singing, going to a relative's house, watching tv/shows, taking pictures, sharing stories and silly jokes.

Surrounded by love! Surrounded with books!

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