Monday, September 7, 2015

A Promising Future for the Philippine LIS Professionals

With Library and Information Science students of PUP and UE

Early in August, the Araneta Boulevard Consortium of Libraries organized a forum on Information Literacy and the K-12 Curriculum. I was their resource speaker for half the day. It was held at the Technological Institute of the Philippines, Araneta, Cubao Campus. There I met new friends from the LIS profession, old ones and students of LIS from PUP and UE.

What struck me, once again, was the consortium's dedication to provide continuing professional growth activities for its members and the students that study LIS in their schools. How apt that, just recently, I have had the pleasure of being with LAQUEP and CLASS. These two LIS organizations in the Southern Tagalaog Region are making their own contribution in their respective provinces. Then came the good news of the approval of the continuing education program by the BFL with a passing of a law in the senate to boot! Are these signs that Philippine LIS is gearing up for ASEAN Integration? I look forward to attending the PLAI Congress this coming November 2015 because theme this year is that - ASEAN Integration.

Well, it's trending. Actually.

Another thing that I took notice during my presentation was the answer given to me by two different participants. I was at the point when I presented a blank schematic web of a library with the leading question: WHAT IS YOUR LIBRARY CONCEPT?

A librarian who has seen the seasons replied that the library is a storehouse of knowledge. A LIS student replied that the library is a place for innovation, inspiration and influence. Both answers are correct, to my opinion. Libraries remain places where knowledge is created and communicated. Containing this knowledge with in the community is not the be all and end all of libraries. This is something the young LIS student knows. Libraries offer spaces for innovation. Libraries run programs that inspire. Libraries, when built well in its physical, intellectual and virtual structures, can influence a society to think, act and make informed decisions. Such lofty ideals and rhetoric.

It is time to look for best practices.

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