Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Pilar Perez Medallion (c. 2000)

Once upon a time, a Filipino Librarian inspired literacy advocates with her work on children's and young adult library services that her name was immortalized to award books for young adult readers. Thus, the Pilar Perez Medallion came to be. Notable winners of the medallion were Eugene Evasco's Anina ng Mga Alon, Mga Ako by Amalia Salamat; Ang Lihim ng San Esteban by Annette Flores Garcia.

Sadly, the award was short lived. That, my librarian friends, is another story.

So, for this blog's Throwback Thursday, and PBBY's initiative on the KABANATA Workshop, I asked permission from Ms. Neni Sta. Romana Cruz, NBDB Chairperson, to post her article on the Pilar Perez Medallion. She graciously agreed, so here it is.

The article was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer in November 6, 2000.

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Candy Gourlay said...

What a coincidence. I spotted AAnina ng mga Alon in a bookshop the other day and bought it on the basis of the gorgeous first paragraph. Reading it now. Ganda! I was wondering about the award which is mentioned on the cover blurb. So thanks for this article.

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