Thursday, September 11, 2014

Meme: Liebster Award

I accept C8's nomination! 

Here are the questions she posted in her Reading Good Books, for this meme. 

1. If you are moving to a fictional world – either found in books or screen – where will you choose to settle and why?

Hogwarts. Hermione doesn't deserve a vulture like Madam Pince as librarian. Though JK Rowling expressed her reason why she made her an irritable character, I still think teens need a librarian who can work with them and meet their needs.

2. If you can change the ending of a particular book, which one is it and how will you change it?

Eleanor and Park. Well, I won't change the ending, but I'll have an epilogue for Eleanor and Park. Like, ten years after they parted ways (SPOILER!) they meet again and fall madly in love. But... I'm a true blue romantic so it won't be easy for Park, especially.

3. How long do you think you’ll last in The Hunger Games?

Hahaha! I will find a way to cheat my way out before the games even begin!

4. Browse your own blog.  Now, post a link to your favorite post that you wrote.

Hmm… this is tough. Pass. I will get back to this item.

5. Can you recommend other blogs – book-related or not – that I should be reading?

Oh dear. I have not been blog hopping in recent years. The Filipino bloggers I followed back in the early 2000s have all gave up on blogging and migrated to social media. Tsk. See how technology changes the web content creation game?

6. Have you purchased a book just because you saw your idol holding/reading it?  (I have. Many times.)

No. I get recommendations from friends, students, my kids and people in my reading circle.

7. You’re meeting your favorite celebrity.  Autograph or picture?  Pick just one, can’t be both.

Picture! I love selfies with popular peeps.

8. What is your fantasy dream cast for [insert book-to-movie here]?  (Even if a movie exists for that book already.)

I dream of seeing Cumberbatch and Martin do a movie version of Sherlock.

9. What is your stand in the ever-changing debate of… “the printed word vs digital books”?

It should be "the printed word AND digital books". The reading experience doesn't change. Comprehension is not affected by the format of technology used for reading. But, different cognitive functions come into play when our brains encounter print materials and digital books. Our brains need both and we need to seamlessly transition from one media to another. It's a matter of training the brain.

10. Name a book and/or movie that you and your mother both love.

ET: The Extra Terrestrial. Now this answer dates me.

11.  Why are you following/reading my blog?  For whatever reason, THANK YOU!

Because you tagged me! Thank you!

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