Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The 2014 Book Spine Poetry Winners: Final Round

Our Book Spine Poetry Contest at school draws to a close.

Final round judge Ed Maranan picked five best poems from the fifteen finalists. Here are the poems:

Honorable Mention
"A World Undone
Embracing Defeat
Going Going

Honorable Mention
"In the Country of Men
Seeking the Heart of Wisdom
Atlas Shrugged
...and a hard rain fell"

3rd Place
"Last Night I Dreamed of Peace
Looking Back
The First Escape
Before we were free
A Hero of Our Time
Shaking the Foundation"

2nd Place
"In Defense of Women
It's Not Easy Being Mean
Cycle and Hatred
Bood and Rage
Ice Cream and Sadness
Maiden of Pain
A Woman's Life"

1st Place
"In the Country of Men
Things Fall Apart
Funny How Things Change
As I Lay Dying"

Judge's review of the poems will be posted in the blog tomorrow.

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