Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 2 of the MUNPARLAS Bibliocare Sagada Conference

If Day 1 was pretty exciting, Day 2 was even more because of two things: Jaime Bautista and Bomodok Falls.

Darrel Marco was host for the day and he kicked off day 2 with an "endearing" activity for everyone. As it was the second day of the conference, almost everyone knows each other by name and affiliation. So, Darrel used this situation to deepen the experience and develop stronger friendship among participants, speakers and MUNPARLAS Officers. Each of us had a paper taped on our backs. We wrote positive impressions on the paper round robin style. It was affirming to read the wonderful words of appreciation, gratitude and affirmation. What a great way to start the conference!

Apparently, MUNPARLAS President Ann Grace Bansig opened the conference on Day 2 with the topic on Endearing Library Services to the Public. As an example of an endearing library service, she presented the Book Mobile Project of De La Salle Zobel. Now on its 5th year, the project has been a success because of collaborative planning with DLSZ's Outreach Department. By partnering with The Fernando Zobel Foundation, DLSZ librarians and its social action staff, are able to deliver books and literacy services to public school students in Cavite and Batangas provinces.

After her session, Jaime Bautista, comic book writer and publisher came next. HE. IS. AMAZING! He opened his session with a read aloud of book 1 of Private Iris, complete with voice projection and facial expressions. This Xaverian loves his work indeed that it no longer seems to look like work for him! He explained how comics and its creation can lend to Bibliotherapy. As an art form, comic touches on the feelings and the senses of young readers and this experience provide for an avenue of mirroring and self expression. When Mr. Bautista started drawing and telling at the same time, I was floored! I asked for his drawing, his autograph and a note for my daughter from him as she is a fan of Private Iris.

How lucky were the participants to meet him! He is now booked for school visits till 2015!

I was next after the comic book session. I continued what I started out in Day 1 and presented a variety of strategies and programs on Developmental Bibliotherapy for kids and teens. After lunch, Dr. Luis Gatmaitan presented bibliotherapy activities for adults and older readers. Being the last speaker, he gave out certificates to the participants along side the MUNPARLAS President and Vice President.

We did end early on the second day. Bomodok Falls was waiting for us!

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