Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NCBD Countdown Day 8: NCBD Round Up 2005 - 2012

It's only eight more days to go to the 30th NCBD. Here's a round up of past NCBDs beginning on the year I took my oath as board representative for librarians.

The 22nd NCBD at the CCP with Rio Alma as inducting officer. The Salanga Prize went to Nikki Dy-Liaco for her story, The Yellow Paper Clip with Bright Purple Spots. The Alcala Prize was given to Meann Nicodime. It was in 22nd NCBD when I took my oath.

The 23rd NCBD at the National Library of the Philippines was graced by Prof. Ambeth Ocampo as guest speaker. I remember presenting the new titles of children's books published that year.

Butch Dalisay was the guest speaker during the 24th NCBD at the CCP. I blogged about Mr. Dalisay's speech here. He had a well stocked library and a very good reading program when he was young.

In 2008, during the 25th NCBD, I was absent. I did, however, blogged Totet de Jesus' chairman's report a year after.

PBBY celebrated the 26th NCBD in Marikina in 2009!

In 2010, PBBY awarded Raymond Falgui the Salanga for his collection of poems for children. Aldy Aguirre won the Alcala that year. Young Adult writer, Candy Gourlay was the guest speaker during the 27th NCBD.

The 28th NCBD in 2011 was full Rizaliana. Eugene Evasco won the Salanga and Yasmin Doctor, the Alcala. We had Prof. Ambeth Ocampo again as guest speaker. Evasco's Rizaldy was launched in the RAP Convention in Dapitan that year.

Last year's 29th NCBD was the most fun yet. We celebrated at Museo Pambata where Russell Molina (Salanga) and Hubert Fucio (Alcala) collected their second awards from PBBY.

And so, things are shaping up for this year's 30th NCBD. Celebrate books! Celebrate kids and teens! Celebrate reading!

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