Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cebu, the Second Time Around

Cebu had been kind. The PBBY workshop we had last July 20, 2013 at San Jose Recolletos was well attended by teachers and librarians. The participants were all game! Cebuanos and Cebuanas do know how to "perform" and participate in the activities that they went home with new ideas, affirmed of the literacy and library programs they do in their school, and relearned a thing or two on basic book reviewing.

One highlight for me was meeting Nancy Cudis, book blogger from Cebu. You'll find her in the blogosphere viaMemoriter. She has lots of good stuff there especially on Filipiniana and Philippine Literature.

I like Cebu because it's the kind of city that breathes. We stayed in the capitol yet, I did not feel the humidity I normally feel in urban areas. It is unique in its own way. I have to say that its uniqueness is found in the food locally served and produced there. Their lechon, I ate two kinds, is tastier than the ones I eat here in Manila. Zubuchon is still the best for me since the meat is well cooked and tastes of spices used permeate the pork's fiber (I don't know what they use but it is so savory!). At the airport, we bought cane juice and tablea chocolate while waiting for boarding.

Here's hoping I get to visit Cebu again. And stay there a bit longer to see the sites, museums and libraries included, and to hit the beach.

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Nancy Cudis said...

Thank you very much for the kind mention, Zarah! Glad to know you enjoyed Cebu. Here's hoping to see you and Tarie again soon. :)

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