Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Author Visit in PAREF Woodrose

Thank you very  much to librarian Gay Reyes of PAREF Woodrose for inviting me last July 12 as librarian and published author. I had a wonderful time sharing with grade school students of Woodrose my books, the creative process of writing integrating it with the Big 6, an Information Literacy model. I had two sessions: one for grades 3 and 4, and another for grades 5 and 6. I prepared two different presentations.

The girls asked a variety of questions. They were smart and articulate. One grade 6 student asked how much I make as a published writer. I answered by giving her, with all honesty, the percentage I get from the total sales of my honorarium. They thought it was pretty small. So I quickly added that the reward for writing is not always measured by percentages and honorarium.

Sorry girls, I'm not JK Rowling.

At lunch time, I stayed a bit at the Woodrose library. It was small, cozy and snug. There, I signed autographs for eager grades 5 and 6 students who patiently lined up for a message of inspiration and my initials. Yes, I felt like a rock star.

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