Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Knowledge Park Bangkok, Thailand

I arrived safely in Bangkok yesterday. The new airport is spankingly metropolitan. There were so many tourists coming in for vacation that it took me twenty minutes to pass through immigration.  It wasn't long until my host, Asarin Nonthihathai of The Knowledge Park, met me at the gate. Together with other delagates, we cruised down the highway to our hotel, The Ramada Hotel & Suites in Sukhumvit Road.

I felt like I was in Manila except, there were no jeepneys and tricycles in the national highway and "sois". From The Ramada, all delegates were whisked away to The Knowldege Park. We took the sky train since traffic is heavy at that time of the day.

The Knowledge Park (TK Park) is located on the 8th floor of the new mall in downtown Bangkok. It has a children's library, a teens and young adult area, a music library, e-book and digital area, and IT collection and a spacious lobby for events hosted by TK Park. There, we met the staff of TK Park and the vice president, Dr. Tatsanai Wongpisetkul. Here's sharing some photos with you -

With Tatsanai Wongpisetkul of TK Park. The staff prepared a bag of Thai books for us! Yay!

The speakers for the Conference on Reading: L-R Chan Soo-Ahn (Korea), Zubaihdah Mohsen (Singapore), Tatsanai Wongpisetkul, Zarah Gagatiga (Philippines), Sothik-Hok (Cambodia), Shukriah Binti Haji (Malaysia) TK Park Staff  

Thai children read in designed honeycombs and trees inside the TK Park

A Thai picture-story book for children.

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