Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 2nd Filipino ReaderCon: United We Read

The 2nd Filipino ReaderCon: United We Read is on August 18, 2012 at the Filipinas Heritage Library, Makati City, held in partnership with Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL) and National Book Development Board (NBDB)

For details of the program, you can visit the site. Just click the highlighted link. What makes this different from last year's ReaderCon is the launching of the Filipino Reader' Choice Awards (FRCA). From the blog, the Filipino RCA seeks to

engage the Filipino reading public in honoring their favorite Philippine-published titles. An initiative of the Filipino Book Bloggers Group, the Filipino RCA was established to develop awareness and appreciation of Philippine literature; recognize the reader’s role in creating the meaning and experience of a literary work; and give the readers a voice in the Philippine book industry.
Nomination forms are available online. What I like about this award is that, it is the reader, or for this matter, the collective Pinoy reader who makes the choice. I'm excited to know who the winners will be in the categories that the organizers conjured:
  • Children’s picture book
  • Chick lit
  • Novel in English
  • Novel in Filipino
  • Comics / Graphic novels
  • Short story anthology
  • Essay anthology
  • Poetry 
 In light of this event, yes, I am delighted because readers should respond actively on the books and materials that they engage in and encounter. The exercise promotes thinking. Engagement in book discussions and book talks affect the creative process of book making. Then again, how I wish school librarians can also begin an activity like this. Or, perhaps, as "keepers" of books and information, school librarians can set up small book award events in their learning communities as a way to celebrate reading, bringing books closer to children and teens. 

SR Ranganathan's law, books are for use, stands on firm legs in this digital age.

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sumthinblue said...

Thanks for the support, Ms. Zarah! :)

We urge all readers to vote for their favorite titles (2010-2011) in the first Filipino Readers' Choice Awards! :)

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