Saturday, July 21, 2012

Filipino Friday 2012: Introduction

This was supposedly a post for yesterday. Time is just not enough for blogging these days and tech problems delayed my updates in the blog. Despite it all, here goes my post for this year's Filipino Friday.

There are two books that surprised me this year: the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy and the Trese series.

EL James' trilogy is surprising because, it did not go through the traditional process of publication. It started out online as fan fiction. The material found its way to ebook publishing and then finally to print publication. This is how publishing has changed. Thanks to technology. Word of caution: the process did not guarantee quality content nor literary value.

Now I go to Trese. Oh. My. God. The storyline is engaging. The storytelling, more so. The illustrations lend enough visual metaphor for the reader to fill the imagination with wonderment. Combining the tales and "alamat" of the past with the everyday stories any Pinoy encounters is a fantastic concept. Looking forward to the next issue of Trese!

I know this entry is very brief as I am merely stealing some blogging time. I'm hoping to do a more extensive review on Trese soon as it deserves more than a paragraph of hurried impressions. And of course, a better written Filipino Friday entry next week.

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guiltlessreading said...

hi there! love your two surprise reads. i have read neither but both intrigue me!

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