Thursday, November 10, 2011

PLAI Announcements

Thanks to David Cabanero, PLAI PRO, for sending these useful links! Now that the PLAI Congress is just around the corner, it would be great if we could all pitch in, lend a hand a do our bit to spread the news.

To download the National Book Week Poster, please open this: NBW Poster

For the PLAI Congress 2011 invitation, please download from this: PLAI Congress invite

For the PLAI Congress 2011 program, please download this: PLAI Congress Program

All interested librarians who would like to attend the "Librarians Day, please check this: Librarian's Day

To join the PLAI Facebook, this is the FB site:PLAI Facebook Site

To be updated with the PLAI activities, check this out: PLAI Blog

To know more about PLAI, please visit us at: PLAI Website

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LaurenceBrown said...

Thank you for the updated info.. Have a great day.

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