Friday, November 18, 2011

Librarians as Online Content Curators

I have heard and read about curating online content late last year via blograrians who attended the annual American Library Association Conference. Another interesting topic discussed in the conference was that of transliteracy. That would be for another post. Plus, there's 21st Century Literacy to think and ponder on (though AASL - the Association of American School Libraries, has published a set of standards. In Manila, we are still struggling with Information Literacy and its application in library services and programs).

While curating online content may sound like a new invention for the librarian, it is very much similar with organizing information, a task librarians are so adept at. It is also another way of archiving.

Over the past few weeks, I've been exploring curating online content and it is not only done by librarians. Then again, since the likes of us are in the business of information service, I find it relevant to learn more about online curating. For starters, Librarienne has written about it. Karen Bonanno a librarian from Australia curates online. I am subscribed to her School Library Advocacy. What a way to be updated! Subscribing to her curated feeds is one of the many simple ways to grow professionally.

The New Zealand Library System has started a web curating tool. Scoop It! crawls the web for your online curating. Robin Good emphasizes the value and authority one can derive from online content curating. The tools and the-how-to-do-it tips are available online. As for me, I'm starting and experimenting on curating, applying the technology in library work.

Let's see where it will end up!

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