Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The 2nd National Children's Book Award Best Reads for 2012 Rules

The National Book Development Board and the Philippine Board on Books for Young People present the 2nd National Children's Book Award Best Reads for 2012 Rules

Children’s Book, Definition 

A printed and bound volume that explicitly states it is for children and/or young people, hereby understood to refer to those falling within the ages 0-19 years. These include works like fiction (e.g. storybooks, young adult novels, fantasy, science fiction), non-fiction (e.g. poetry, biographies/autobiographies, developmental books, reference books, board books, bath books, pop-up books, how-to books, etc.), picture books (wordless or otherwise), graphic novels or comic books expressly labeled for children. At this time, the awards do not cover electronic books or textbooks.

Eligible Book

A book is eligible to be nominated and considered for the NCBA if it is:

a. Published in the Philippines with a corresponding International Standard Book Number (ISBN) by an NBDB-registered publisher within the two (2) years preceding the year of selection (e.g. if the year of selection is 2020, then an eligible book must have been published in 2018 or 2019). This year, books published in 2010 and 2011 will be accepted;

b. Authored by a Filipino citizen;

c. Written in Filipino, English or any other Philippine language specifically included by the PBBY and the NBDB for a specific year;

d. Released to the public in the eligible year as stated in 2 (a) hereof, proof of which shall be any of the following, proof of which shall be submitted with the nomination:

i. Delivery receipt/s to a bookstore, or a dealer/jobber, or any similar entity that has the ability to distribute books to the public;

ii. A donation to a school or library, which need not be formally accepted in an instrument by the beneficiary. It is enough that the donation is received, acknowledged and/or certified by the beneficiaries of said donation in writing;

iii. Distributed in book stores or entities that sell the book, including online distribution, proof of which should be provided;

iv. Produced/printed by a book facility/entity, as shown by a document that said book has been produced in quantities consistent with the act of publication. It is, however, understood, that the specific number of copies shall not be part of the criteria to determine the books to be selected for the Awards.


Anybody whether publisher, author or illustrator may nominate a book for the NCBA, as long as the person or entity is registered with the NBDB as a publisher, author or illustrator. The nomination form duly accomplished and signed by the nominating party shall serve as the official letter of nomination and shall be submitted to the NBDB at the address below together with the books, at one form per nominated title. The number of copies to be submitted for consideration will be based on the number of judges plus one copy each for NBDB and PBBY. This year, there being five (5) judges, the number of books to be submitted shall be seven (7).

The Executive Director
National Book Development Board
2/F National Printing Office Building
NIA Northside Road, Bgy. Pinyahan
Quezon City

Subject: The National Children’s Book Awards

After documenting the submissions, the NBDB shall submit nominated books directly to the members of the Board of Judges.

Selection of Awardees

a. The BoJ shall select a maximum of ten (10) titles from all the nominees, without any further ranking the titles, to be proclaimed as the recommended reading titles. The BoJ, on the other hand, is not obliged to select any minimum number of recommended titles, should it not find any nominee deserving of recommendation.

b. Each selected title shall be given a trophy during the NCBA awarding ceremonies. In addition, a citation shall be written by a member of the BoJ about each selection. This citation shall be read aloud during the awarding ceremonies.

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the NBDB ( HYPERLINK "http://www.nbdb.gov.ph) and PBBY (www.pbby.org.ph" www.nbdb.gov.ph) and PBBY (www.pbby.org.ph) websites. Deadline for submission of entries is on January 31, 2012.

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