Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Librarians for Preschool & Primary Grades

I found this great link in the Scholastic website that is useful when introducing the work librarians do to younger children. It shows that librarians work with people and assists them in their use of books and the internet. Story time is given importance as well as the feedback which librarians need from readers and users of the library. It goes to show that readers services does not end at the circulation table.

Early on, children can be introduced to the roles that librarians play in the learning community. This would aid in strengthening their concept of books, reading and literacy and that, a librarian is in the middle acting as conduit, support agent and teacher. This builds up to developing a library culture in the long run.

Readers services is a marathon. Starting it young and following through the higher grades, moving up to high school and then college is a long haul. This is the essence of children's library services - to address their literacy and reading needs as early as possible.

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