Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reading Advocacy for School Librarians

My last session for Scholastic Philippines' school librarians training on reading advocacy ended today with thirty participants from private schools in Bulacan, Batangas and the greater Metro Manila area. They shared books they've read; worked in groups to identify existing activities and strategies leading to literacy and reading advocacy; and listened to my input on school library standards and the changing roles of school librarians. One jarring reality -- standards are worlds apart between schools who have and schools who have a few.

Over all, it was a good workshop. I was flattered to know that most participants were former attendees of previous workshops I conducted. Thus, there were familiar faces and good friends from the field present at the workshop. Consultants form Scholastic Philippines told me how, some of them were eager and excited to attend my workshop once again. I guess I have a few good fans out there.

I wish to thank Roselle Masirag and her team of consultants in Scholastic Philippines for making the training a success, indeed. I hope to hear feedback, news that is good and otherwise, and any suggestion from them. I wish them good luck in all their work and reading advocacy.

Ans super thanks for the books! I'm reading Rachel Ward's Numbers at the moment. It's pretty good.

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