Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Web 2.0 and Cataloging Basics for Lib Hub Teacher Librarians

Last July 2, I gave a training for teachers and librarians assigned in the Library Hubs of the national capitol region. The training consisted of Web 2.0 technology for school libraries and Cataloging Basics for non-librarians. As expected, the morning began with the usual politics, songs and dances. The pride of Commonwealth Elementary School, grade school children who are members of the dance troupe, were fantastic in their rendition of traditional folk dances. The principal of the school, Dr. Modelo, welcomed the participants of the training session.

Despite the technological problems -- WIFI and Internet connection -- I survived the morning session, giving a lecture the traditional way. We resorted to moving to another venue for better WIFI and Internet connection. Thanks to the school principal for extending himself and making sure that the staff helped in making us all comfortable.

The afternoon session assaulted us with humidity and a down pour. But we were all smiles as we went through the process of basic cataloging. Classification and Cataloging is a two course offering in library school. I had to compress basic theories and procedures for a training session of three hours with workshop. I focused on principles and process of cataloging using the Dewey Decimal System as classification scheme.

The workshop that followed was a no-sweat, no-brainer classification and cataloging session. The participants worked on basic bibliographic entries with subject assignments for each book. Thanks to Adarna House for making this workshop possible! Ms. Genia Santos, Regional Director of Library Hub - NCR, has been very cooperative showing commitment to the goals of the library hub project. Here's hoping that, in the future, more functional library hubs will be set up.

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