Sunday, July 17, 2011

SLIA's Reply on Continuing Professional Education

Before I begin, I would like to thank Ms. Angelic Bautista for asking about activities, seminars and fora on school librarianship. Thanks to Dmarco for enumerating different ways in which school librarians can update their knowledge and upgrade their skills. Let me just add a few insights on this matter.

Dear Angelic -

While strategies towards continuing professional education are a plenty, and opportunities to grow professionally are in place, I deem it important that we practice a degree of reflection before, during and after attending professional growth activities.

We need to know skills and competencies that are strong and weak. It is necessary that we are aware of the learning and responses we have while attending and participating in a workshop, fora or seminar. Lastly, we should identify ways in which the theories learned and relearned from the professional activity could be put in practice. It does not end there. A constant assessment and evaluation of LIS skills and competencies applied to library work is essential. This would further help the librarian in developing and growing in the profession, thus, enriching the practice of LIS as well.

For example, a seminar on Information Literacy may prompt a school librarian to review and revise the existing library skills instruction program. In a given time frame, say one school year, the librarian conducts the review and revision project of the program and evaluates the process as well. Then, the librarian can move on to implementation and yes, evaluate again. The product of the evaluation should be documented and thus, the record and documents can be used for future projects and for posterity.

The long and short of it, continuing professional education is a scholarly endeavor. It is not a mere social gathering where one can meet friends and get information on the surface.

Ms. Zarah


Jeff Rivera said...

Education is a continuous process. There is no limit in gaining more knowledge. People who hungers for more wisdom is said to be the "wisest person of them all."

Jeff Rivera said...

Education is limitless and continuous.

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