Thursday, April 7, 2011

Live Blogging: RAP Summer Conference 2011

It's the second day of RAP's (Reading Association of the Philippines) Summer Conference at Bayview Park Hotel. The morning kicked off as usual. Nothing eventful. But Dr. Serena Diokno's plenary presentation turned the tables around. Her lecture on Socio-Historical Ages and Literacy Context was substantial and engaging! Here are some notes I took down from her presentation and lecture.

Disciplinary Literacy = Learning in the diagonal 
History is not a mere collection of facts. Historical accounts are not produced in a vacuum. 
HISTORIAN - with context - with author - many voices - the past is reconstructed - evidences are used. But for the student, it is the opposite.

Halfway through, I was mesmerized that I no longer cared jotting down notes. I listened to her and I felt my head balloon with possibilities and hypothesis on the writing and reading of historical texts. Of course, the issue on textbook production was mentioned. It prompted questions from the floor.

The second plenary speaker has ended his lecture. Mr. Jose Maria Policarpio of Diwa Learning Systems, Inc. talked about technology and how it changes literacy and literacy behavior.

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