Monday, April 11, 2011

Live Blogging: Batang Sining - Group Games & T-shirt Art (Day 1)

Right after the ceremonial opening of Batang Sining, Luis and I moved to unlock the meaning of Batang Sining so that teachers could further connect their context on the workshop's objectives. We then explained the many benefits of arts and culture; how it can enrich teaching strategies;  transform one's self confidence; and build character. Hopefully, they would be able to pass on to their students the many activities designed for creative expression.

To perk up the big group, we did some group dynamics that allowed participants to speak and know each other. When we asked for volunteers to share, five teachers eagerly went to the stage and shared! Now, the teachers are working on their t-shirt art activity.

The activity prompts them to describe themselves and their qualities that they are proud of. They are making designs on the shirt that highlight their talents and hobbies. They're all engaged! It's snack time but they would not leave their working tables. Later, we will ask them to present their work of art! 

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