Sunday, May 2, 2010

Puerto Princesa City Tour

In the afternoon of April 29, 2010 Dir. Lou David and I went on a city tour of Puerto Princesa. We visited The Crocodile Farm, the Butterfly Garden, Baker's Hill, the Mitra Ranch and yes, the city's market. We rented a transportation to bring us to these places. The drive was slow but sure. There is a speed limit for all means of transportation in all of Palawan, so our guide told us. Signs on speed limit litter the road side. Needless to say, we reached every destination safe and sound.

The good view of the country side was an added treat. The temperature was searing hot, but with plants and tress in abundance, the warm weather in Puerto Prncesa was not as offensive compared to Manila. Our guide told us that Palawan is far from any fault line. Typhoons rarely visit or pass the islands.

The places we went to were the usual tourists fare. The skeleton of the giant crocodile displayed at the lobby of the Crocodile Farm museum was amusing. The fearsome reptile was caught with half a fisherman's body in its mouth. Five years later, it died in captivity due to stress. The Butterfly Garden was currently under construction so there was little to see. Mitra's Ranch offered us a breath taking view of Honda Bay. Baker's Hill boasts of the best hopia in town so I bought some for pasalubongs. At the market place, we bought fresh dried fish. Yes, fresh. The catch from the sea is immediately preserved. Cashew nuts are aplenty too. Roxas, the town next to Puerto Princesa is famous for its cashew trees. I got some for the hubby because nuts are his favorite snack.

If time would have allowed us to visit the Underground River, we would. But Dir. David and I have full schedules the following day. Now that gave us another reason to go back to Puerto Princesa some time in the near future.

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