Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear Librarian: SLIA's REPLY for Making the Right Decion

Here's my take on Confused Freshman's dilemma. Prof. Cabbab gave his piece of advice in a previous post.

Dear Confused Freshman,

LIS was not my first choice of a college degree. I wanted to major in English under the Bachelor of Secondary Education program at the Philippine Normal University. It was my mother who convinced me to take up LIS instead because, very few major in the discipline. It meant that I have little competition and bigger chances to get a job. She was right.

I love books. I love reading. I love being and socializing with people. If you, like me, have an affinity for all three – books, reading and people, then that’s a good start to base your choice in transferring to LIS. Other than these, LIS could offer you the following jobs or possibilities after graduation.

a. You can work as a librarian in a school, college, university, corporate and/or government agency.
b. You can take on a job as an IT specialist.
c. You can be a content developer.
d. You can work in a publishing house as indexer, abstracter or a subject specialist who prepares bibliographies and thesauri.
e. You can be an archivist and work along side historians and researchers

The good thing is, you can be anyone of the afore mentioned professionals here or abroad. Yes, LIS professionals are WANTED in the Philippines and the world.

As for your study habits, I think this is an area you need to improve on. I further suggest that you take some test on your learning styles and modalities so that you would know how to conquer your weakness of late submissions. If you’re succeeding in your sibling’s outsourcing project, there must be something about it that gives you constant and automatic motivation. Know what it is and use it to help you survive college and life in general. It would do you a lot of good if you seek your college’s guidance counselor especially with your academic history.

I’m all for a college degree, but you know, if a four year course is not for you, then there are options. I know of successful people who took TESDA (skills) courses and they’re happy, financially and personally. The important thing is that you know who you are, what you want and how to get it. Your confusion is a good start to self-discovery. Don’t quickly jump into another course. Instead, reflect on where you are at the moment and plan a strategy. You are not young forever. Time waits for no one, besides.

The good thing is, you are blessed with free will. Use it well. You’re free to follow the advice I gave you and that of Prof. Cabbab’s. At the end of the day, however, it’s what your heart’s desire that matters.

Do you know your heart’s desire? Do you know your passion? *Follow what it is and life will reward you!

Good luck and God bless,

Ms. Zarah

*From General Iroh of the Fire Nation, Avatar the Legend of Aang: The Last Airbender

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