Saturday, May 29, 2010

Highlights From the PESI Differentiated Instruction Workshop

Another successful teacher training workshop!

The Differentiated Instruction workshop I had with clients of Phoenix Educational Systems Inc. was a blast! The teacher participants were energetic and participative. Surprisingly, there were librarians in the audience too. I met Jackie and Marci from St. Mary's School, Caloocan. Both are school librarians who read my blog! I'm so glad to meet them, readers of my blog, in the flesh!

L-R Jackie, Me and Marci

My workshop consisted of two parts - input session and workshop session. It is during the first part where I discuss theories and content. In the second part, workshop activities are done and presented. For this teacher training workshop, I gave an input on the basics of differentiated instruction with a focus on strategies and techniques. The main strategy in focus is PESI's Dramatic Learning.

Teachers were divided into small groups. Each group were given different activities to do and to present afterwards. Activities were taken from the Dramatic Learning Package of World Book Online. The picture below shows one group did a skit on The Country Mouse and The City Mouse. The other groups did poster making activities, vocabulary and grammar, venn diagram and news reporting.

A teacher holds up the poster they did to illustrate the difference between city life and country life. A lot of cooperative learning took place as each member in the group assumed roles. They came up with good outputs. They were so engrossed on their projects. I'm so proud of them!

The activities likewise gave the teachers an opportunity to use World Book products like the WB Encyclopedia, Online resources, dictionary, almanac and other fact books. This teacher reads the World Book World Mythology series in line with their group assignment to retell the myth of Prometheus and his gift to man.

As expected, teachers in the higher levels (grade 6 to high school) presented a more serious piece. This group worked and rocked a scene from Prometheus Bound ala reader's theatre. The lead was portrayed by Teacher Bryan, a big voiced guy who teaches high school English in Arellano University.

I'll be posting more photos in the coming days because the teachers were eager to see their projects online. We'll keep you posted! They really rolled up their sleeves and delivered! PESI gave them a week's freebie on trial to use World Book Online and its resources. Bags and umbrellas were also raffled off. Needless to say, all of the teachers went home happy!

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