Thursday, February 4, 2010

Filipino Librarian: Cora Nera, PAARL Awardee

Every now and then, I blog about Filipino Librarians who I meet in my journeys (literal and figurative). This time, I'm posting about one of the more popular and esteemed Filipino librarians in the country today -- Madame Cora Nera of the Board for Librarians (BFL).

Madame Cora Nera is conferred by the PAARL The Lifetime Achievement Award and naming her The 2010 Woman Achiever. Of course, her achievements are numerous. Her continued work in uplifting the profession to higher levels of excellence is evident in all corners and areas of library and information science locally and abroad. There is one thing I have to say about one of her achievements and this has nothing to do with libraries and librarians.

For one, I happen to know Madame Nera's son, Jack. He's a spitting image of his mother. He's one of those simple guys in the office who quietly goes about his work but whose insights and perspectives are like windows and doors to new worlds. Best of all, he writes and loves to read. Now that is what I call an achievement.

Congratulations to Madame Cora Nera for her achievements as librarian, mother and woman! Mabuhay!

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Anonymous said...

I salute you madame.. Jane

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