Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Iriga City Public Library

My visit to Iriga City last February 19, 2010 ended with a short stop at the public library. It was built in 2007 through the LGU's initiative on strengthening the advocacy on books and reading. I took some photos using the built in camera of my old LG cell phone. It's only 1.3 megapixels so I ask you to bear with the not so impressive photos.

The library is housed on the second floor of the new building. According to my friend and tour guide, Hermie Salazar, the first floor shall be the repository of the city's Library Hub.

Outside is a spacious patio where tables and chairs are set for those who wish to read in the open air. A good number of users were seated comfortably, their laptops turned on. Yes, they're logged on Facebook. Inside, one would find a mini-photo exhibit of places and people that are relevant to Iriga. Nora Aunor; Dr. Filipina Alfelor; the ancestral house of Jaime Frabregas (which I hope the family would repair and rebuild); and tourist spots in the locality. Provision for reading area is present as well as Internet stations.

If that's any indication on modernity, then the Iriga City Public Library sure knows how. And more!

It was my first time to see a library cum coffee shop. Wow. My kind of place! Books. Coffee. And a place with WIFI connection. Sadly, I did not get to talk to its librarian who attended the seminar-workshop I gave earlier that day at the University of North Eastern Philippines (UNEP). I would be interested on knowing the library and literacy programs they run for children, young adults and older members of the community. Library facility is one thing. The services and programs it implements are important things as well.


mikersindahawz said...

panalo sila ha :)

Zarah C. Gagatiga said...

may mga public libraries naman sa manila na wifi, like the quezon city public library. pero, walang coffee shop :-(

Anonymous said...

wow! talagang kakaiba sila.

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