Saturday, October 3, 2009

When it rains it pours!

My family and I would like to continuously thank all the people who sent donations in cash and kind to lift our spirits and help us rebuild and recover. The prayers and encouraging text messages of friends from KUTING, MAGIS DEO, Vibal Foundation and my friends in the library profession are greatly appreciated. The moral support is enormous!

Right now, I'm praying for strength and wisdom as my family and I work out plans and ways to rise from our Ondoy ordeal. We are still pleasantly displaced at my in-laws. We have not gone back to Pasig since water has not subsided yet. We have accepted what has happened and with the rain coming in every week (God forbid!) we have decided to completely let go of the house. We will go back and clean up when water dries up. Whatever state the house shall be in when we see it weeks from now is something we have to brace ourselves for.

For now, life goes on.

Our call for help is still on going. Donations are very much welcome. If you can lead me to sponsors and donors for my storytelling workshops, email me at or send SMS via 09209602884 / 09182293587. Thank you so much!

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