Saturday, October 24, 2009

Enverga Library Blog

In my talk cum workshop on blogging at the PLAI STRLC conference last October 8, 2009, Madame Rose Villamater of the Manuel Enverga University Foundation proudly informed me of their library blog which was created using Wordpress.

I visited their new and spankingly clean blog a few weeks after. I could not help but admire the professional look of Wordpress templates. The Enverga Library Blog has all the basic information about their library. It is only a matter of time for the staff to beef up the content of the blog and offer something unique for readers of the blogosphere.

What I like most about the blog is its link to the Library Staff. Notice the big smile on everyone's face? Seems that they're a happy lot! One is never fully dressed without a smile, so they say. Now that's painting a positive image of librarians. To the staff of the Enverga Library of Lucena Quezon, I wish you success in your blogging endeavors! More happy blogging days to come your way!

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