Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best of SLIA 2006

This collection of posts in this blog from 2006 is long overdue. Finally I found the time to edit and post them up. Better last than never, so they say. On the other hand, I'm glad to discover that I have kept the focus of this blog's topics according to its original direction.

Library Activities
Learning Extended
Opened Doors
Graphic Novels In The School Library

PowerPoints: Literacy Development
Creating Classroom Libraries

Information Literacy (IL)
Updates on Information Literacy
Lesson Plan on IL
IL at the School Level
The Impetus for IL
IL Skills

Book reviews & Philippine Children’s Literature
Evaluating Folk Tales for Children
Eco-Environment Stories
The Librarian From Black Lagoon

Philippine School Libraries & Librarianship
Student Services vs. Academic Program
Perceptions, Philosophy and Paradigms
More on Philosophy & Paradigm
Helping Libraries
Boys In The Library
How Do I Destroy Thee?
My Librarian Heroes

IT Integration
Blogs As Teaching Tools
Full Paper: Blogs As Teaching Tools

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