Friday, March 13, 2009


Rumor is a viscous monster.

I'm getting jokes (some are meant for good, clean fun while others are plain malicious) on reasons for my going on leave for a year. Apparently, the dirty ones are rumor-spawned. The witty and well meant jests spring from very sincere and genuine people. Nasty or not, it's best to respond with a sense of humor to the sense of rumor circulating around.

Here's an example --

Colleague: So you're going on leave.

Me: Yes (smile).

Colleague: What will you do?

Me: Study. Take care of my family. Help my parents. There are lots to do!

Colleague: Bah! Marami kang pera (You have a lot of money to spare)!

Me: I will be a pauper for a year, believe me.

Colleague: I'm sure there'll be offers (winks twice).

Me: Yeah, may offer na nga for me to break into showbiz, e (I'm getting offers to break into showbiz)! Telenovela. And it has a working title already.

Colleague: Really?

Me: Yup. Lambingan sa Library (Romance In The Library)!

Those who heard our banter knew exactly what the joke was all about. Poor colleague. He was left clueless amidst the laughter.


Jacqueline said...

scam in the library (not the pyramid) would be a better title for your telenovela..

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