Friday, April 11, 2008

The Dream of Robert Alejandro

I got this Friendster Bulletin Post from a member of KUTING about Robert Alejandro's call for book donations.

I'm helping set up a children's mini
library in Barangay Luna in Isabela.

I heard the children have NEVER seen a
children's book!
- BUT they have a healthy daily dose of
noontime shows and telenovelas :-(

From this dream of a mini library, I'd
like the children to have a love and
affinity for books which will last a

Please message me here / email if you
have spare children's books I can send
to Isabela.

I will post pictures of the library (and
the kids) when the library is set up.

Please feel free to pass this message along.

Thank you very much!


Robert (Alejandro)

email: robert.a.alejandro@
http://raadesign. com/
http://robertalejan dro.carbonmade. com/

Robert Alejandro is a graphic artist, illustrator and artist, celebrity and TV Host of Art is Cool, a show for kids on art and carfts activties. Though the show has ceased air time, Alejandro still dreams of doing something for the children in Isabela. If you're from up there, pitch in some books for the children's library. A good reading reading habit begins with access to books.

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