Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Pasig City Library

It was last year when I met public librarians from the Pasig City Library. I had a seminar-workshop for the Filipinas Heritage Library and the National Book Development Board in June 2007 and it was for public librarians.

I promised myself that I will visit the new library. I pass by the building every morning when I go to work. The good thing about it is that, the public library is just beside the Pasig Central Elementary Scool. This means that the city government considered the location of the library as a means for easy access to children who are learning to read. It turns out that it was being renovated. It will not open until May 2008 which means, I will have to wait three more months to check it out with my kids.

The public library in Pasig City was a popular students' destination in the 80's and early 90's. Through the leadership of the great Pilar Perez, the public library in Pasig became a research and learning center for chidlren and teens. I remember my teachers in Pateros Catholic School encouragng us to go and do our research there. I did use the resources of the Pasig City Library once or twice, but I never saw or met Pilar Perez. She will remain in my memory though as one librarian leader in the field of Children's and Young Adult Library Services.

The public library, at that time, was used to be housed in the villa very near the Pasig Cathedral. That villa is now the city's museum. But, before that, a strange looking warehouse along A. Mabini St. carries a sign that reads " Rizal Provincial ---ary". We can only speculate if it was indeed the first location of the Pasig City Library.

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