Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Reply from "The Man of Many Stories"

Kenneth Yu, Xavier Alumnus and editor of the Philippine Genre Stories replied to my post via email. I know it will embarass Kyu once again, but I just could not help posting parts of his email here in SLIA simply because, it is a testimony to the wonderful influence that a school library could give a young boy growing up reading.

So, Kyu, I beg your pardon if I have violated your privacy. Accept that you've become a celebrity in your own right. As a Xaverian, you're meant to shine!

Here are some snippets of Kyu's remembrances on the school library he grew up loving so much --

...in your last paragraph you said something about the library. I loved that place, and not just for the aircon (though that played a big part). I could get lost among the books for hours with my friends. Thinking of that place always makes me smile, and I think that early love still shows itself today whenever I go to any library, or any bookstore, or any place where there's a large collection of books... I hope you have boys who like spending time there too. Be patient with them, please, no matter how crazy they become. I have a feeling (that) that's exactly how we were a long time ago. (Just make sure that they're not crazy for craziness' sake, but are also borrowing books to read.)

Thanks for this, Kyu! You made my work sound so significant.

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Ivan Chew said...

Thanks for sharing :) I think our work is indeed have impact in positive ways, often in ways that are indirect and from a longterm view.

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