Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yan Ang Pinay: Bruhaha! Bruhihi!


Corazon Remigio's Bruhaha! Bruhihi! is a favorite read aloud piece among storytellers. This is attributed to the simple but action packed narrative. Her language is direct to the point and unmistakably child-like. Talk about "economy of words", she achieved what many a writer for children stuggle for.

In the story, the reader becomes a companion to the main character's psychological unfolding. A little girl suspects of having a witch for a neighbor. She conjured all the superstitious beliefs on witches that her experience afforded. From this schema, she believed that Mrs. Magalit is indeed a true blue witch until a humiliating incident shattered all perceived ideas of the old woman. She is after all, just an old woman - shriveled, lonely and alone. Thus, the little girl extended her compassion and friendship to Mrs. Magalit.

This quality of setting beliefs according to perceptions is very Filipino. Then again, Pinoys are never short of compassion and are overflowing with well springs of friendship. Such traits are possessed by this little girl in this beloved storybook that truly makes her a Filipina.

Recommended - Age 7 to 10

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