Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Web Resources for Busy Teachers and (even busier) Parents

My husband and I take turns in tutoring and following up our eldest son, Nico, with school work. Since both of us are working, imagine how we draw upon our "powers" and energy to do this parenting responsibility. From his notes, worksheets, quizzes and progress reports, Nico, must be given drills. Lots of them!

Encoding these drills and activity sheets in Word document can still eat up a lot of precious time. So what I did was to Google them drills and worksheets. And I'm quite satisfied with the results. Allow me to share what I found in the Internet. These web sites of free Math drills and worksheets prove to be useful to the busy teacher as well. Most of these are in PDF so better have Acrobat in your PC before downloading.

Busy Teachers Cafe : WS Pages for Math This webpage is a link to its main website, Busy Teachers Cafe where other drills and worksheets on content areas like Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies (US context) and Art activities are found.

Donna Young's Math Drills Her drills are appropriate for K-2 levels. Check her homepage since she has other exercises and prcatice drills on other subjects too.

Here are some more. I haven't browsed through them, but these web sites will be my next resources for easy to print and produce drill sheets.

Math Drills

Math Exercise, Word Probles, Flashcards and Online drills (timed)

School Express

And here is Surf the Net for Kids that looks very comprehensive in terms of content. It even has a Book Club!

Sadly though, I did not encounter any Filipino Teacher made web site for such purposes. Filipinos are claiming a niche in cyber space in blogging, web design, literature and the allied arts. What about teaching and education?


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