Thursday, November 3, 2005

Bags of Books

Hi-ho! I'm still alive and kicking! It's semestral break but the PC I'm using at home is filled with spy ware and useless cookies. You can just imagine my frustration for not being able to update my blogs. Good thing that Internet Cafes are in abundance in Metro Manila. Thank you, Lord!

This morning, I brought two bags of books to the Marikina City Public Library. My good friend Evelyn Nabus is librarian there. She's been so nice inviting me for storytelling gigs and workshops that I just thought I'd return some favor by sending her my old and still very useful books. I donated most of my Newbery Collections, tons of pocket books, a good number of hard bound art books and biographies. I still have two more bags at home and I intend to donate it to her library just the same.

Evelyn was recounting her dreadful experience on the book shower-book drive activity they organized a few years back. She received lots of books alright, but she spent a year separating the chaff from the grain.

Public libraries are indeed wanting of books to put in their collection. But people who are kind enough to show compassion to public libraries must realize that they are donating to a LIBRARY and not a junk shop. Then again, the librarian can actually bundle the trash and sell it to a junk shop. Now that's additional earning for the library.

Book donations are always welcome. The librarian will always appreciate the generosity of the library's patrons. For those who are willing to give love to public libraries by book donations, kindly consider the following:

1. Book Condition - Donate books that are still in good condition. The kind that can still stand on its spine and pages are still complete. Be sure that the body is still intact. No missing texts, chapters or pages.

2. Book Quality - There are lots of reasons why you want to donate books. But when you do so, I hope it's not for the sake of getting rid of the trash. You may have outgrown some of them and yes, they gather dust, but others may find it usefull so you give them away. Donate books like you are imparting something precious to another person.

3. Library Management and Staff -Be sure that your books go to a library where there are people who will take care of them. Often, we don't really consider this. Your old books may still be in good condition and they may be of good quality to the reader, but if no one will organize, develop and maintain the books donated or acquired your generosity ends where your intentions began. A library without a librarian is nothing.

Indeed, libraries are growing organisms. Librarians make libraries grow. Help nurture your library. Donate books! For more tips on book donations, click here. I remember writing about it a few months ago and the tips may further help you decide where to deliver your books.

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