Saturday, November 12, 2005

PTN is 4 months old!

Pinoy Teachers Network turns four months old on November 12, 2005. Like a new born baby, it is being nurtured and nourished by the very people who concieved it and by the growing members of Filipino and FilAm teachers from all over.

Since its conception in July 2005, PTN has become many things to its members. For Pinoy teachers, based abroad and otherwise, PTN is their support group; a network of ideas and information; a hub of professionals from the academe and allied disciplines; and, a news source about the Philippines. For Pinoy teachers who are budding and aspiring writers, it is a doorway in the publication of articles, essays, compositions and contributions about technology, parenting, education, teaching and life in general. Those with blogs are lucky to find that PTN is a free space to plug their blogs. From job hunting, press release of events and seminars, resource sharing and campaign of teaching advocacies to gossip and "kikay" stuff, PTN has indeed achieved a lot in its four months of existence.

PTN is already a growing e-community forged with the values of commitment and cooperation. The same values that inspire its members to continuously collaborate with in the network and outside of it. Using technology to reach out and connect with people and organizations, PTN is a living example on how collaboration can bridge the distance and fill the gaps.

Last month's visit to the Philippine ambassador in Washinton DC was a successful one. The ambassador gave his support to PTN and was very proud of the projects of PTN, one of which is the donation of winter clothes to Pinoy teachers based in Maryland. This month, PTN Washington DC Chapter is organizing a Meet and Greet activity with Pinoy Teachers in Virginia, USA. Partnering with Gawad Kalinga through Ed Tiongson, this is a collaborative effort of both organizations that is aimed at helping new Pinoy teachers adjust in a new environment. By 2006, the Manila Chapter is dreaming of having the same activity but with a twist to the Meet & Greet of its sister chapter in the US.

If you think that you can contribute to PTN in any way that you can that will inspire and encourage Pinoy teachers to be the best that they can be, do it now! Collaborate and be empowered!

Mabuhay ang Gurong Filipino! Mabuhay ang PTN!

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