Friday, September 11, 2020

Online Bibliotherapy: Rain Before Rainbows & What Happened When the World Stops

Comfort and Consolation in Rhyme and Reason (Purpose)

In times of challenges, changes and conflict, we can turn to stories and poems for solace, comfort and consolation. Selection of the appropriate literature is key. When we read, engage and share the literature with a companion, a friend, a mentor the experience becomes more meaningful.

  1. Welcome students (and teachers) to the session - Ms Zarah and Ms Sheila

  1. Presentation of Story / Poem: Rain Before Rainbows or What Happened When We All Stopped
  • Reading aloud of Rain Before Rainbows or Viewing of What Happened When We All Stopped

  1. Engagement: 3-2-1 Sanacore Method plus 1 more

  1. Identify THREE important details and summarize them.
  2. Record (write, draw, doodle, make a mind map) TWO things that are of interest to you.
  3. Write ONE question about the poem/story
  4. Share with a group your #2 and #3 output. 
  • Anyone in the group can  respond to #3

IV. Taking Action / Follow Through

  • Make a collage using photos and an app. Write something about it. Choose a theme for your collage. It can be about family, friendship or any topic you wish to explore and develop.
  • Choose a photo and use a photo editing app to write a poem. You can share this with friends and family through social media.
  • Visit Poetry Magnet and write a poem.
  • Make a banner or a poster of your favorite poem, quote or dialogue of an inspirational book or movie character.
  • Explore found poetry, black out poetry and magnetic poetry by visiting the recommended websites and online resources 

V.  Share. Share. Share.
Sharing is caring. :-) 

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