Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Renewing My Professional License (1 of 3)

My experience renewing my librarian's license had been very smooth and easy. Thank you to the assistance given to me by officers of the Philippine Librarians Association Inc., Southern Tagalog Regional Council (PLAI-STRC), particularly Dr. Lindie Masalinto and Mr. Rene Manlangit. Now, I can proudly attach the initials RL (Registered Librarian) after my name as mandated by law.

I am Zarah C. Gagatiga, Registered Librarian. There, I just made myself a noun. A proper noun.

I met very young and helpful staff at the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) branch that I went to. They looked like my students in senior high school. The guy in Window 6 reminded me of my son. The girl at Window 4 kept calling me Madame. I lingered for a few more minutes to find out if she would address other ladies the same salutations. She did not. Just saying. 

When the staff at Window 3 asked me for my requirements and proof of units earned in Continuing Professional Development (CPD), his face broke into a wide smile when I handed him a thick clear book and the plaque of recognition which the Philippine Association of School Libraries, Inc. (PASLI) conferred to me in 2017. 

He told me, "Ma'am, over and above the expected and required CPD units na po kayo!"

I replied, "I document all my CPD activities. Kaya makapal ang clear book."

He smiled and said, "Sa plaque po ako natuwa sa inyo, Ma'am. May print out po ba kayo ng citation niyan?" He pointed to the plaque.

"Wala, e. Sorry ha..." I said to him.

He nodded. "Check ko na lang po yung certificates ng accredited PRC CPD provider sa file ninyo."

They were all courteous and eager to help despite the lateness in the day. I actually forgot my password to my account by the staff knew what to do ease my worry. In less than an hour, I received my new ID. Proof that I am a law abiding citizen. Evidence that I commit to my moral obligations. Testament to my allegiance to Philippine Librarianship. I stay true to my oath. 

Well, I do the best that I can.

A PRC license does not completely make one a professional. But adhering to the law and to ethics make us so. I think this is the relevance of this exercise and earning CPD units, no matter how small, is another indicator that we hold our integrity to the highest of standards.

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