Saturday, August 4, 2018

Review: Book Donation Campaign

Kristle Mae Cavero, a senior from the College of Saint Benilde asked me to look at her media project. It is a multimedia production on book donations and a campaign for support. The production can be viewed through in the website and their growing community of book lovers and donors of books has a Facebook Page.

This is the link, so check it out.

It is a well thought out media production and the website is neatly designed. Trust Wordpress to help any blogger and web developer to achieve the sleek, smooth and professional look. Hands down, the technology works as medium of communication.

As for the content, I gave Ms. Cavero these comments.

It lacked information on specific reading demographics. While there was an attempt to relay the message of book matching and context based book donation, this was done in sweeping strokes. The Philippine literacy landscape is varied, multilingual and regional. A reading center or school in an urban community has different needs compared to centers and libraries in rural and indigenous communities. The community's needs to be addressed when donating books. 
A book is a technology. For many, formal instruction on its use and purpose is necessary to appreciate reading books. The same can be said in learning to read. Reading development begins in the access of books, but to sustain its continued growth and development formal teaching and pedagogy can contribute to the success of reading skills acquisition as well as lifelong learning.
Book lovers donate books because they have discovered the benefits and many advantages of reading and learning from the experience of opening the pages of a printed book. But, there are communities where, book and reading culture are not of their experience. Bring them books, but teach them first, how to read and how to understand the book as a technology.

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